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Islamic State fighters using drones with IEDs and spy cameras, says Pentagon | Majority of migrants ‘unemployable’ and just 54 have jobs with top firms | Bill O'Reilly shares photos of Barack Obama in traditional Muslim dress, proving his 'deep emotional ties to Islam' | China warns US on sovereignty ahead of South China Sea ruling | Pope Francis’ star is fading back home — and here’s why it matters



In Old and New Testament prophecies, God promises that an Elijah will come on the scene in this ‘end-time’ to restore all things and prepare the way. Who is the prophesied "end-time" Elijah? Has he come already? Is he among us today? Or is he yet to appear? Get ready for deeper understanding on this most important and pivotal subject which has not been understood until now!

The Word... From the Beginning

The Day of the Lord cometh...

Zerubbabel and the Two Witnesses


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- Blasphemy
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- Who will restore all things
- The Laodicean Condition
- Satan and evil spirits will...
- Who are the 144,000...

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