We are committed to help as many as possible, in preparation for the imminent work of the Two Witnesses. They are to come on the scene to trumpet the Midnight Cry (Rev.11; Matt.25:6), heralding the coming of Christ and the Day of the Lord “as a thief in the night” (Joel 1:1, 2:1; Ezek 34:12). We are living in urgent Bible times... will you heed the knock?

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Urgent Prophecy

"The Bible reveals the details about the Creator's Calendar. You will be shocked at the Truth about this most important subject, and this booklet will help to lead you through the scriptures of this in-depth study. Get ready for a number of surprises!" In Matthew 24 Christ discusses a most powerful prophecy which few understand. It is certainly an important chapter in the New Testament, the meaning of which has largely been shrouded in mystery until now! An urgent booklet for all of God's people today! Learn the pivotal, deeper understanding which has opened up so many urgent Bible prophecies pertaining to the time we live in and the days immediately ahead.


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